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New single. New website. New new.

Yup. We're still doing personal websites in 2021. Apparently we still need to, so here it is. Also, a heads up: after more than 5 years since we released our debut album (and three years since we signed up for a distro deal with Warner Music Philippines), we're back with a new single. It's called "Lights Out," which was written in the aftermath of a power blackout in our village; no electricity, no lights, nothing else to do during a hot summer night. So I went out and I saw the most beautiful night sky one can see despite all......

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This time last year

…was our last gig at 12 Monkeys, with our heroes-turned-friends Truefaith. So essentially we started and ended our 2019 with Truefaith gigs. Real cool if you think about it. We even had our friend SlickMaster take our photos that night. Like this one. A year and a pandemic later, 12 Monkeys is no more.