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Stereodeal is a Filipino electro-rock band formed in the middle of 2008. The aim was to create music combining emotional resonance and dance floor nihilism in what was then a post-punk revival world; essentially a musical reality where anything is possible. Throughout the years the band’s sound has constantly been oddly likened to Bloc Party, Placebo, and Muse, though each member has a wide range of influences from post punk to jazz.  These influences go beyond music—some of which include anything from comic books to theoretical physics to mundane life situations to romance. This range and depth of source material for the band likely ensures they won’t be running out of steam, creatively speaking, anytime soon. Interestingly, they are able to fuse all these influences to create a distinct sound that is layered, rich, and uncompromising.


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We’re now part of the Warner Music family

"Welcome to the Warner family," said Warner Music Philippines Managing Director Ian Monsod. That sounded nice. We recently signed a distribution deal with Warner Music…